Gyan Mudra

Sep 07 2017

The invigilators distributed the answer sheets. Everyone started filling details on the answer sheets. Ayan also did the same. Five minutes later, the invigilators distributed the question papers as well. As the bell rang, everyone started solving the question paper. Ayan had a good look at all the questions on both sides of the paper. As he picked up the pen to write the first answer, something happened. Ayan went BLANK!! He could not recollect the answer to the first question. He closed his eyes and pressed hard on his mind. His mind drive started scrolling the textbook in his bag, but the searching dog found nothing. He tried answering the second question, but the result was same. It was as if somebody had switched off his brain leading to no network connectivity. As he glanced across his classmates, they appeared to be writing versions of Usain Bolt. Few of them were writing at a speed of 100 words/min. Ayan tried peeping in the paper of his colleague Akash sitting ahead. But, he could not see anything. Now, Ayan started getting restless. He started fidgeting with his pen and changing postures on his desk. Slowly and steadily, a stream of perspiration began appearing on his forehead. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He got startled and looked back. He thought the invigilator had caught his apprehensions. But, it was Geeta. Geeta was the bespectacled geek of the class, a proverbial bookworm, a favorite student of every teacher, and undoubtedly a scholar since times immemorial. She had very few friends in the class (all of them geeks) and not many students talked to her as everyone felt she carried a lot of air about herself. Geeta asked in an irritated tone, "What happened? Why are you so restless?? Ayan was taken aback at first, but then he told Geeta, "I do not remember the answers to the questions." "Which questions?" Geeta asked. Ayan replied, "All the questions!!" Geeta placed her palm on the forehead. As the invigilator left the room for a while, Geeta asked Ayan, "Did you study for these exams or not?" Ayan retorted angrily "Of course!! I did study for the exam. It's not that I don't know the answers. But, I am not able to recollect the answers. Geeta then told him, "Ayan, listen carefully to what I say now. Do exactly as I tell you to. Take your right index finger and connect it to your right thumb. Straighten the remaining fingers and place your hand in a horizontal position. Now, close your eyes for 20 seconds and be in that position without moving your body." "Will that help?" Ayan muttered out of curiosity. Geeta said, "Do you have any other option apart from trying?? Ayan looked ahead, sat still, placed his right index finger on his right thumb, and closed his eyes. Nothing seemed to happen. Five seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and then a flash passed. Ayan opened his eyes and looked at the first question again. And suddenly the answers started appearing very clearly. The clogged mind had unclogged itself. It was as if the brain had found its connecting network. Ayan lifted his pen and started writing aggressively. Question after question, Ayan continued writing. He even took several extra supplements as his answer paper already got filled. Ayan completed his paper just in time. After a long hiatus, Ayan had written such a beautiful paper. When Ayan was moving out, he went near Geeta and thanked her. He said, "That was such an impressive technique. Where did you learn that?? It worked wonderfully for me." Geeta said, "A diffused state of mind will always lead you astray. A focused state of mind will always help the lion find its prey. The technique I taught you is known as GYAN mudra. Our body is home to millions of receptors. When the right combination of receptors comes in proximity, the circuit gets completed, and it illuminates the requisite center in the brain. Whatever you experienced was not magic, but pure science." Ayan was left speechless. As Geeta was about to leave, Ayan said, "Geeta, if you start using lens instead of your spectacles and change your hairstyle and dressing style a bit, then probably your appearance will complement your wisdom. Geeta raised her eyebrows and gave a furious look to Ayan. Ayan put his head down and quietly left the scene. As Geeta saw Ayan go, she gave out a big smile. Some untapped portion of Geeta's brain had illuminated that day.

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