How much we love our snoring husbands?

Mar 12 2018
Medical strategy and communications

I was so upset when I had just married. I lost the privacy ofhaving an entire room to myself!

Now,I not only had to share my bed, but had also lost the eternal silence in myabode too!

Mydear loving, husband would always sleep as soon as he hit the pillow and allnight I would hear the music of his rumbling and tumbling snoring that changedpitch.

Duringmy hospital rounds, I would wonder when could I catch a nap! Snoringcompromised my most precious sleep to such an extent, that on my days off too Ipreferred staying in hospital, ensuring I have slept well before I headed home!

Thenalas! Residency was over and I had no escape! I was back to the grillingfactory all night!

Thenext rescue came with my baby! I could shamelessly wake my hubby up and ask himto sleep in living room since the baby got disturbed! Thanks to my little oneat least few hears of eternal sleep were back!

However,over the years this blissful marriage minus a silent night, I have gottenaccustomed to sleeping well in this music studio! Now I am so used to having mybear right by my side, that after 20 years of marriage the sound is not evenheard.

Infact if I don’t hear anything, I need to check whether everything is alright. Iwonder what is troubling my handsome hubby from hitting the drums!(my eardrums)

Whenhe is travelling, I toss in bed unable to sleep without my background score!

Well,you may be wondering why I suddenly came up with this.

Recentlywhile we were on a holiday, the AC in the room was “noisy” by my husband’sstandards and he could not sleep all night, while I blissfully slept, unawareof any “noise.”

WhenI found him sleeping on the swing in the verandah, I burst out laughing how theHitler himself is hit by the cannon after all these years!

It’snot my story alone? My Mom drives Dad to living room as well since thegrandchildren can’t sleep in the noise with her! HEHEHEHE

Ohjust for medical minds: My hubby has no sleep apnea, is not overweight, neitherhas DNS!

Hejust loves to announce his presence in my room, on my bed all night, to make mefeel secure and blessed!

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