Quotes on Clinical Practice: Dr. James Tyler Kent

Sep 07 2017

The physician must penetrate into the inner recesses of symptoms; the very life of the patient must be opened and laid bare, learn the fears, instincts, desires and the aversions of the patient. The remedy often crops out through the affections. · Once a medicine is stripped of its grossness by potentisation and placed upon the tongue, it will be taken into the economy instantly. I once travelled a thousand miles to place a dose of Zincum on the tongue of a paralysed woman, who felt its effects in less than 60 seconds and in six weeks her paralysis left her! · Never prescribe for a chronic case when you are in a hurry, take your time. Never give a dose of medicine until you have considered the whole case. · A piano tuner has restored harmony to a piano; has added nothing to it, nor taken anything from It; yet has restored it to harmony. A change that is unknown to one who does not think beyond what is visible to the eye. · Unless the Inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease (patient) the remedy will not cure but simply remove the symptoms that it covers; that is suppress them. · We must remember that the Vital Force is simple substance and that which cures must also be simple substance. · Susceptibility is prior to all contagion, if an individual is not susceptible to Smallpox he cannot take it, and will not receive it though he goes near the worst cases, or eats a smallpox crust. · Homoeopathy is an applied science not a theory. · There is no such thing as one organ making another sick. The disorder in the stomach comes from the centre and likewise a disordered liver, they do not make each other sick. · The physician is not called upon to cure the results of disease, but the disease itself, all pathological changes must be regarded as the results of disease since all disease Is dynamic.

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