To the Doctor Within You

Sep 07 2017

Medical is: • One of the only professions on earth, where religion, caste, creed, and race don't matter. • One of the only professions on earth, where we try to restore health, which has a tendency to scatter. • One of the only professions on earth, where we give a practical exam and have to pass every single day. • One of the only professions on earth, where fighting against nature is like a day-to-day play. Our community is loved, adored, admired, and respected to the core. At the same time, we can even be victims of someone settling a score. There are people who try to place us, almost next to God. Then, there are people who can topple our identity, equating it to a fraud. We are expected to deliver, much more than what is expected from us. Our role is akin to a repairing mechanic, albeit in a moving bus. We are not supposed to make mistakes, as we all are dealing with lives. And if we end up doing one, we are greeted with swords and knives. There are some patients who like to bargain on the services we provide. They try to convince us for giving discounts and declare it with pride. They feel money comes easy for us and heaps of fortune we reap. But, the truth is, we begin to see real wealth, only when old age begins to creep. Another group of patients comes with a "Googled" frame of mind And then try to discuss the case, probably considering, we partially blind. They have a problem with us, whether we ask them to investigate or not. And if they have some financial crisis, we are one of the villains of the plot. We end up playing many roles; preserver, protector, and educator to name a few. We have to sit patiently, till we see the last patient in the queue. Our treatment modalities may separate us and cause a medical divide. But, the code of medical ethics remains the same, by which all of us abide. We exactly know what is going on in your mind, because we are amongst you. Even we, our families, and friends can fall prey, to an attack of flu. The medical profession is a gift in itself because it gives us an opportunity to heal. Even if it does not make us filthy rich, we are still delighted with this deal. You as patients complete us, by giving us an opportunity to use our art. Trust us; whichever faculties we belong to, we try our best to fulfill our part. Healthy food, sound sleep, and exercising can curtail your visit to us. Doctors don't just give medicines, but also areas in life where you can focus. Consider us as a friend then, or probably a philosopher and a guide. We are always there to bring you up, whenever your health goes downside. A doctor resides within all of us, Immune System we call it per se. And with due regards to that doctor within you, let's attribute nature here with a "Happy Doctor's Day." - Dr. Shridhar Boddul

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