Current perspective on Cardiac Biomarkers

Sep 22 2017 , India

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Despite the efforts and recent advances, the diagnosis and management of heart failure yet evades the practitioners. The etiology of congestive heart failure in the Indian scenario comprises of coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and hypertension. With better insights into the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure(CHF), biomarkers have evolved rapidly and received diagnostic and prognostic value. In heart failure, biomarkers prove as measures of the extent of pathophysiological derangement; examples include biomarkers of myocyte necrosis, myocardial remodelling, neurohormonal activation, etc. In congestive heart failure (CHF) biomarkers act as indicators of the presence, degree of severity and prognosis of the disease, they may be employed in combination with the present conventional clinical assessments. These make the biomarkers feasible options against the present expensive measurements and may provide clinical benefits.

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